Why Donate To CHPF?

“Our heritage is our identity. Without it we are lost.”

With ravages of time and impending effects of climate change, our country’s geographic, cultural and industrial heritage is constantly changing and under threat of extinction. Images and photographs are the only evidence we have of our heritage, history and past. Images give us a sense of identity and cultural belonging that helps foster national pride. As such, it is becoming increasingly imperative, now more than ever, to preserve our past through digitizing images that are irreplaceable national treasures and works of art.

In keeping with our mandate to digitize and preserve significant images representative of Canadian heritage, we accept donations of negatives, slides, and images from photographers who are Canadians, non-Canadians, and visiting Canada, from both professional and amateur photographers.  In particular, we are very interested in acquiring negatives andphotos from photographers, and/or those who would like to bequeath their images to a reliable digital archive.In return for your in-kind donations, we will issue charitable donation receipts, once they are properly appraised.

Please note: CHPF will own the copyrights of all images donated to the organization. Negatives and images that are copyrighted by CHPF are not royalty-free, therefore a fee is required for the usage of each specific image. Please contact us to inquire about any print or online use of our images.

If you would like to be a part of the ongoing Canada 150 celebrations, and are interested in becoming a part of Canadian history and culture, please consider donating your pictures, time or money to CHPF now!

We are also seeking sponsorship opportunities at large, and partnerships with Canadian art galleries and museums who are interested in collaborative ventures to further the mandate of preserving Canadian culture.  

Your donation and sponsorship will help preserve the heritage of Canadian photography and Canadian photographers for future generations.

Our collection will educate the public about appreciating Canadian heritage through the preservation, cultivation, collection, and display of: (a) photographic works created by Canadian photographers; (b) images of Canadian landscapes, mines, Canadian industries, Canadian historical and/or cultural themes or subjects, portraits, or otherwise as the Foundation may consider appropriate; and (c) the equipment used to capture and develop such photographic works.

We also accept donations of world photography from any Canadian-born photographer. However, if you are a non-resident of Canada, we will accept photographs of Canada you’ve taken during your Canadian visit, and would like to donate to preserve Canadian history.

We specialize in archiving stills photography and request that donations of images be relevant to the preservation of Canadian heritage.

Additionally, we encourage relatives of deceased Canadian photographers to donate prints that have historical significance in the context of Canadian culture, institutions, architecture, roadways, industries, and landscapes.  

At CHPF we adhere to factors such as collection policy, restrictions on access, copyright, and originality of information. All donations of archival images will be subjected to review before selection, based on these and other factors. 

As a non-profit we heavily rely on our donors for financial assistance to help cover administrative and archival costs. Specifically, we are currently accepting donations towards the purchase of the following essentials:

  • Scanners
  • Storage for our growing collection
  • Computers
  • Software for cataloguing pictures
  • Salaries to operate CHPF
  • Digitization of our collection

Please donate to our cause, and become a part of your Canadian heritage.

Volunteers are the backbone of CHPF. If you are looking to spend your time in a meaningful way and would like to help us grow and preserve Canada’s history, please consider volunteering with us. We are always in need of helping hands in our administrative and daily activities.

To donate your images, money or time to CHPF, please contact our Chairman of Board, Gary Landa via info@thechpf.com or (905)232-1153  

Make a Difference. Give the Gift of Heritage.