The Canadian Heritage Photography Foundation (CHPF) is a registered Canadian non-profit organization.

It is dedicated to digitizing and preserving significant images of Canadian life and times, taken by Canadian and non-Canadian photographers, both professional and amateur, and making them available for those interested in appreciating Canadian history and heritage.

CHPF is a historical society that collects, documents, and chronicles the rich and ever-evolving history of Canada. Photographs of Canada and Canadian life are pieces of a historical puzzle. At CHPF, we work with photographers – current and past, historians, archivists, researchers, students, and cultural enthusiasts to put the pieces of this puzzle together. We capture the history of Canada, one image at a time.

Our focus is to depict what’s in the picture – from a factual and historical perspective - and not what the picture is about. We also aim to provide a creative digital repository for photographers who want to showcase their work to a worldwide audience and be recognized for their craft.

Founded in 2001 by the late Canadian photographer, George Hunter, CHPF is headed by Gary Landa, CPA, CA, who is Chairman of the Board.

CHPF is built on a collection of over 100,000+ images, acquired nationally and internationally, depicting various aspects of Canadian life and culture.

The Foundations archives are an invaluable digital resource of rich historical information for creative scholars and thinkers, historians, educators and students.

Visitors to our digital gallery can view images that are, in and of themselves, priceless works of art.

CHPF’s digital archive consists of images that provide a window into Canada’s fast-disappearing past, its rich cultural present, and a rapidly evolving future. These photographs depict a slice of timeand place in Canadian history that is worth recording. "Photographing a culture in the here and now often means photographing the intersection of the present with the past." –David DuChemin